Where Can You Legally Put A Bumper Sticker?

If you are interested in putting a bumper sticker on your car, it is crucial that you know where to stick it. There are lots of companies that do custom signage melbourne. Many people tend to forget about where to put a bumper sticker on their car. In certain cases, people have even received a fine for putting up a sticker that reads “Beware” or “Stay Away from Me”.

Now, the simple stickers that read “Fly as One or Never” or “Gone Fishing” may seem harmless, but if you stick them at the wrong place, you will end up regretting it. Every sticker tells a unique story. However, experts warn drives to be careful with where the stickers are placed. 

You may be wondering why placing a bumper sticker is taken so seriously. The truth is that stickers should not obstruct the view of the road from the driver. It the view is obstructed, one would need to pay a $60 Victims of Crime Levy and a $184 fine. It might seem like common sense to not stick anything on the front or back car windows, it is vital that you are careful when modifying the windscreen of your car.

What Does the Law Say?

According to the law, no individual should drive a vehicle unless they have a clear view of the road ahead of them, behind them, and alongside them. Therefore, an obstruction of the view will cause a breach of this road rule.

So, Where Should You Place a Bumper Sticker?

Now that you know about the consequences of placing a bumper sticker incorrectly and what the law says, you need to know where to place the bumper sticker. You also need to know where to buy caravan stickers. To help ensure that you have placed a bumper sticker in accordance with the law, the following tips will come in handy.

1. Place Stickers Low

If you own a large vehicle such as an SUV, it is best that you place the stickers right below the back windscreen. As it will not prevent you from getting a clear view of the road, the placing of the bumper sticker low on the back windscreen will not land you in trouble.

2.  Place Stickers Higher

On the other hand, vehicle signs campbellfield should place the sticker higher on the back windscreen. It is important that you keep in mind that placing a sticker high might not be the best idea for someone who is tall. The vice-versa holds true for someone who is short. Therefore, you should place the stickers based on your height. However, small vehicles can place a sticker higher.

3. Either Side or Above/ Below the Number Plate

If you want to place signage campbellfield legally near your number plate, you can place it on either side or above and below the number plate. As long as the number plate is legible from up to 18 meters away, you should be good.

Conclusion Once you have gone over this post, you will know where to legally put a bumper sticker.

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